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WAAAHHHHH~~~~ I had a bad day so I need a drink~~!!!~~!!!

Its been awhile folks……and I have saving up alot of rants….. Its been awhile so…well let it rip!!

For real? Folks, if you want to go drinking, then just do it, don’t give an excuse. What are you? 15? “OOOHhhh its cool to drink, so lets drink!!”…”oooh its a bday!! lets drink!!!”… folks that is over 21, don’t need an excuse, just fucking drink and be happy and thankful that you are able to drink. Ooohhh especially folks posting on FB saying….”ooh its my bday, so I am drinking” and you have a bunch of people in the picture raising their glass….”….what are you? showing off that you have alot of people that will do things that you want them to do because its your bday? OOOooohhhh and those folks that post shit pictures bottles online saying…”ooh I had a hard day, so time for a drink!!”, really? you can’t just be thankful that you have a fuking job that you have to drink? People that works in the medical field can have tough days EVERY FUKIN DAY!!!! So do they get drunk everyday? People that volunteers in impoverish countries have tough days EVERY FUKIN DAY too!!!! So they are actually alcoholics?

You might argue…”well you probably done it the past too!!”….yeah well, I probably did, BUT I also realize its such a dick move!! So I matured out of it!! SO TAKE THAT ASS HOLE!!!!!

Then some might say..”ooh its social thing…”, dude trust me, NO ONE WANTS TO FUKING TALK TO YOU WHEN YOU ARE FLAT OUT DRUNK!! Or shit like..”its a happy occasion!!! thats why we drink!!”…no douche bag, you know very well that is not the case. Cause if they replaced the alcohol with something else, I would like to see you if you are still there and if you are still that sociable.

People, its not that I am preaching you shouldn’t drink. Not at all. Just that why can a person enjoy a drink that can be wine, a beer, sochu or whatever your poison is. Why can’t you drink that and just enjoy the delicate flavors and craftsmanship of the drink instead of using it to get into a state of inebriation?

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