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bye Windows XP and HI! Windows 8……..yeah I think I am going to stick with my Windows 7 for now.

Well according to PC Magazine, Windows 8 will be out this fall. Earlier this week, MS also announced that there will be NO more updates or patches for Windows XP. So basically that means if you still have XP on your 15 year old computer. You get hacked and get virus up, don’t blame MS. They won’t help you anymore. While MS killing off XP is still 2 years away but finding out Windows 8 will be coming out this fall…..well thats just news to me but from what I read and from what I heard and from the chief editor, Dennis aka Ninjalane from Its not the easiest thing to use. Well he said something worst but I cleaned it up…hahahahaha.

Anyway, MS is, as everyone in the “industry” says “gamble” on Windows 8. They made Windows 8 touch screen usage heavy. Reports says that if you want to do something with a NONE touchscreen computer is VERY hard to work with.

Ok, I see where they are coming from, they saw Apple’s iOS did so great with their iPhones and iPads but does MS understand that iPhones and iPads are not made for work. Most offices and major corporations that DOES work still use a PC with a keyboard and regular monitors. HECK!!! I have two monitors, so if I am to go to with Windows 8 I need to 2 monitors? I don’t know man, from what I see, MS does things in a pattern. You have to skip an Windows to get to a good Windows….. Remember Windows ME after Windows 2000? and then Windows Vista after XP? yeah…….I remembered that I had Windows 2000 for the longest time for my computer then I to ME, used it for a day and formatted and went back to 2000. OOOOHHHHH Vista BSOD me every 2 weeks, don’t even remind me……..sigh~~~~~ Take my advice, don’t buy into the hype of Windows 8, Wait for Windows 9 or whatever is after Windows 8.,2817,2403179,00.asp

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