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Rant of the Week: STOP TELLING ME YOU LOVE SUSHI!!!!……

Ok, I admit I am a big sushi fan. I AM A BIG SUSHI FAN!!!! I had friends ask me for reference of sushi places in the area. I gotten to the point that I have a checklist that I check off when I go try a new sushi place to rank the place. I ain’t no dummy, I know where I am located. I am in the USA and anything raw and is not a cheese burger, its considered “Bizarre” as that fat sack of an asshole, Andrew Zimmern on that stupid travel channel would put it. Yeah, I know you are only the host, but for real? its “Bizarre”? Ever think its not bizarre but its because your american a-hole is not opened to food that might be eaten everyday by the locals thats there? And for you to call it “Bizarre”…..what gives you the right? Can you people also think of what the ramifications are to label the food bizarre? As if a typical american is not closed off enough already, you labeling things “bizarre” is not going to help things……ARRGGGHH!!!~~!!!!!!!! ANYWAY!!!!

~~~~sigh…..take a deep breath, I will rag on Andrew Zimmern next time. And trust me it will be soon, I have held back on him for awhile. Let me shift back to my focus for today, sushi. Ok, so let me reiterate. I love sushi but when I tell people that I love sushi, most people will start telling about how much they love “crazy maki” or “scorpion maki” or something with avocado or spicy mayo. Now those are all great on its own but I know people that tells me that they TOO love sushi but when I go with them, ALL they order is those stuff, as they call it “special makis”.

When I tell people that I love sushi, I am talking about the nigiri’s, sashimi’s and maki’s….no not the special makis. And yes, I go for the raw stuff. You know why its raw? The raw fish is so you can taste the fish. No!!!!, fresh fish should not smell or taste like “fish”. Each fish has its own taste. The wasabi and soy sauce helps to accentuate the taste and texture the piece of fish that is there. Now I ask, if you put spicy mayo on things, how does that let the fish shine? Look I am not saying the spicy mayo is not good or you should give it up but come on, atleast try things at its most basic form. The spicy mayo over powers the delicate taste of the fish.

Look, like I said, I ain’t no dummy, I know where I am. I am in the US. Americans see fish differently than most asians do. I eat mackerel but most americans think mackerel is only good for being bait. One reason for that is americans really don’t get good fresh fish. The freshest they get is frozen. Now nothing is wrong with frozen but its the way before they are frozen. The guts are one of the things that goes first when something passes away. If left inside the cavity, it will rot first and cause the rest of the cavity to rot as well. If the fish is gutted, and fast frozen, the fish meat will stay a tad bit fresher, longer. But no, the fish we get here has its guts stayed in till we buy. So by the time we go buy, who knows how long those guts has been in the fish and how long that fish has been sitting on top of ice under room temperature lighting? Sigh~~~~~

Anyway, let me once again get back to “sushi”. People, really go try something new. Try the raw fish stuff then tell me you don’t like it after you tried it. OOOOhhhh don’t go to some fancy smancy restaurant…. like uummm Oya, which is located in Boston and claim you like sushi. Putting truffle oil on a piece of fish is not innovative. And to charge an arm and a leg for it……you better expect fish that is so fresh that it doesn’t need truffle oil. Stop with the BS and give people really really good. I’m sorry, but unless they update their menus to have traditional good sushi and not this neo fusion crap, I am skipping this place. No thanks….. oooooh if Ono Jiro-san see something like this, he would be pissed.

All I am saying is people, wake up. Don’t kid yourself when you tell people you like sushi unless your tried the real basic stuff. Don’t go out and tell me you like sushi if all you eat is the “crazy makis” and “scorpion makis”. Go read up on history of sushi and read up on japanese history of why food is this way. Don’t tell me you like sushi cause you went to American Joes and tried a salad that is “japanese sushi inspired”. Please, you don’t know how stupid you sound when you do that.

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