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Rant of the Week: No the warm weather is NOT GREAT!!!!

Well another week another rant. So let me make things clear, I live in Boston, MA……and not this is not about football or any shit. I am talking about people that live in Northeast and complain about the cold and rejoice if its warm in the winter. I can’t say more about how these people are so short sighted. If you are living in Boston or anywhere in the Northeast, its suppose to snow, its suppose to be cold. Now I am not saying, it should be cold and the poor old folks that can’t afford gas for heat is a good thing. NO not at all. WE as the younger generation should help out if that happens. But I am strictly talking about the weather.

The weather here is suppose to be cold. Its suppose to snow during the winter. If you folks want warm or hot weather, go and move to somewhere that is suppose to be warm and hot. Can you people even think how bad the global warming has gotten to if Boston don’t get snow at all? Have you people thought about if Boston get to be warm and hot, the folks that is in the equator is burning up, literally. So you people wish for that? You bunch of potential mass murders, and for no good reason other than you want it to be nice and warm where you live.

I understand the winters here are long and its not great. BUT HEY!!! You know what I think!?. If you don’t like it get the F OUT!!!! It would be doing us Bostonians a favor. Less traffic, less A-holes slowing down on the road and less A-holes cluttering the supermarkets when there is suppose to be snow the next day. GET THE F OUT!!!! Go live in LA or some shit.

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