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Rant of the Week: SOPA = Shit on Phuck Act….

Well its been awhile that I ranted. Ok ok, its been ages. Well life has been busy and well I just plain got lazy. But this whole SOPA or PIPA thing sure got me fired up.

For realz, I remember in the golden days of internet, there was no issues with downloading anything. Why is it now that the government steps in and say…”oooh you can’t download this…..or you can’t have this on your site…..or you can’t view this…”. For real? Dude…….for real? What happened to free internet? What happened to freedom of speach? If the government is throwing all of this out the window, then why don’t we just change our name to North Korea.

At this moment, there are millions of American citizens are signing petitions to have the whole bill be banned. So if Congress passes this bill then I guess its hopeless for this government. Where is the freedom? Everyday I have to follow the law, be a good citizen. Follow the traffic lights and BS…… and the internet is the only last refuge. They are going to take that away too? What is there left? So next thing, should I line up to aboard trains to be sent off to concentration camps?

I understand that the government want to make sure the great investors be protected by piracy but does this bill really help it? Piracy will happen anyway regardless if there is internet or not. Ridding of internet just makes the distribution a little more complicated but it will still get out there.

I know at this point, some people or JERKS!! will argue the fact…”well its all for the better good”. Really? Well I guess, I mean kids will no longer be watching fuking videos of assholes like Justin Bieber. I guess thats a plus. But other than that I can’t think of anything else. OOOHHHHH I know there are folks that will argue with that the censorship is good, its to protect their children……OOOOHHHH just to protect your children you are taking away my freedom to look at a girly site? You think thats fair? Oh you have a big house and nice wife too, and I am single and poor, you think thats fair? Why don’t we make this whole god damn country fair then….ooooh wait thats called COMMUNISM!!!! You FUKIN COMMUNIST!!!! So thats what you people want. BLAME the websites…… know what maybe you should blame yourself. Hey you don’t want your kids to download pr0n, block it. You don’t want your kids to be downloading pirated software….block it. Don’t take my fun away.

As for those BIG ass companies that makes GAZILLION dollars every day and still want to make GAZILLION more so they go along with this act………Remember back in the days? You didn’t care as much back then……you all did well. Now you spend gazillion dollars on lobbyist and lawyers…..and spend away on people like them, and what do you get? Nothing, infact you get a bunch of people flaming you on the net, bad rept and hackers hacking your servers day and nite. Is it really worth it? Is it? Yes there are alot of pirates out there but there are also alot of good people other that will do the right thing. Sony, have you really stop the hackers? NO……..have you stop people hacking your PS3? NO……..Ok so you might have the bill passed… you think that will stop the hacking and shit? No…….People in the other countries will still hack things. Same for Microsoft… think you will be able to stop all the hacking and pirating? No…… Get real people. What you going to have America govern the entire worlds internet. The US government can’t even govern themselves. They are a bunch of useless old farts sitting on the fat cans reading a bunch of technical bumbo jumbo and do nothing.

All I am saying, COME ON CONGRESS, there are bigger things to solve and Internet Piracy is not part of it. How about solving the economic crises or paying the debt off to China? OR heck, solve the world hunger issue or even solve the job market issue. Is it really worth it to not have couple of movies be not downloaded off the net and block America off from the rest of the world?

Phew, I know I rambled that one out. Sorry if my rant went spotty, its been awhile….but from here on, you will hear from me and my rants. So till next time.

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