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AKwan’s Kitchen: How To Make Sticky Rice Rolls

Umm, so why is AKwan locked out of his own kitchen and what is Ricky doing in his place again? Making sticky rice rolls (粢飯) of course! Find out how to make this really simple breakfast dish and keep watching for a bonus recipe as well!

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– glutinous rice
– fried dough stick (can be frozen)
– dried meat shreds aka meat floss
– preserved mustard greens (can buy vacuum-sealed packages)

1.) Cook the glutinous rice according to package or in rice cooker.
2.) Lay out some cooked rice onto a piece of Cling-Wrap on a flat surface.
3.) Flatten the rice out.
4.) Cut the dough stick in half, widthwise and lengthwise, and lay on one edge of the rice.
5.) Add meat floss and preserved mustard greens with dough stick.
6.) Using the Cling-Wrap, roll the rice up with the toppings tightly.
7.) Then voila! You have yourself a simple dish for your breakfast… which you can serve with some savory soy milk!

Ingredients for savory soy milk:
– unsweetened soy milk
– fried dough stick (slice into little pieces)
– preserved mustard greens
– dried shrimp or dried shrimp skins
– scallions (chopped)
– vinegar
– sugar
– salt
– sesame oil
– hot chili oil (optional)

Directions for savory soy milk:
1.) Bring some unsweetened soy milk to a boil.
2.) Quickly heat up the dried shrimp and preserved mustard greens in a pan with some oil.
3.) In a bowl, mix the dough stick slices, scallions, vinegar, sugar, salt, sesame oil, and hot chili oil (if desired).
4.) Add the dried shrimp and preserved mustard greens.
5.) Pour the soy milk in.
6.) Stir, and then ready to serve!
7.) Now, you have a COMPLETE Chinese breakfast meal! Mmm nom nom nom!


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