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AKwan’s Kitchen: How To Make Congee

Congee, or in Chinese, 粥, is basically rice porridge. It can be eaten just plain, or with a bunch of toppings included, one could be, for example, fried dough stick. The lack of oil and the use of not much salt needed in congee, plus the very or somewhat watery texture of it, makes this a very healthy dish, which a lot of Asian people will eat when they are feeling sick or have digestive problems. In this episode, we make two kinds of congee: pork + preserved eggs and tofu + corn.

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– uncooked rice

To make pork + preserved eggs congee:
– lean pork meat (cut into thin strips)
– preserved duck eggs (cut into little pieces; also can be found in Asian supermarkets)

To make tofu + corn congee:
– tofu (soft kind; cut into small cubes)
– corn (canned is fine)

1.) Wash the rice.
2.) Put rice into large pot and add approximately a ratio of 10 cups of water to 1 cup of rice.
3.) Heat on high and let it boil. (You can cover the pot, but not completely or else it will boil over!)
4.) When it boils, lower heat to medium and let it simmer.
5.) Occasionally stir the pot so the rice won’t stick to the bottom and check the consistency of the rice. We want the rice to be at the point of just broken up. If the consistency starts to become too thick, add BOILING water to the pot and stir (make sure the water is/was BOILING!). If consistency is getting too watery, let the rice cook some more.
6.) When the rice is just about to be broken, add other ingredients.
7.) For pork + preserved egg, add pork first and then preserved eggs. Cook until pork is done.
8.) For tofu + corn, add tofu first, then corn. Cook until tofu is done.
9.) Last, you can garnish with some julienned scallions or ginger or even some fried dough stick! Mmm nom nom nom!


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