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AKwan’s Kitchen: How To Make Agedashi Tofu

So, who’s that sexy hunk-a-hunk in that oh-so-shining, shimmering, splendid shirt of his? Watch the latest episode of “AKwan’s Kitchen” to find out. Oh, and you might learn how to make this super simple recipe for agedashi tofu as well.

Video after the jump.

– soft tofu (recommended)
– potato starch
– oil

For dashi sauce:
– dashi stock*
– mirin
– soy sauce

*For dashi stock:
– dried konbu
– bonito flakes

0.) First, before you do anything else, cut the tofu into squares and wrap each piece in a paper towel to absorb all the moisture. You should leave them absorbing for at least 30 minutes.
1.) Then, you can premake the dashi stock by heating the dried konbu in some water in a pan and waiting until bubbles just start to form around it.
2.) Next, remove the konbu out and retain the liquid.
3.) Add some bonito flakes in and heat for roughly 10 seconds.
4.) Drain bonito flakes out and keep the stock.
5.) Once the moisture is mostly absorbed from the tofu, you can start coating them in the potato starch.
6.) Heat the oil in a deep pan (enough to cover the whole tofu or at least half of it) and when it’s hot (dip a chopstick into the oil and when bubbles form around it, then you know it’s hot enough) and slowly lower the tofu into the oil. Careful not to burn your fingers!
7.) If you used only enough to cover half the tofu, flip with your chopsticks a few minutes through. Otherwise, keep frying until they turn golden-brown.
8.) Take them out and let the oil drain on a frying rack.
9.) To make the dashi sauce, first heat some mirin in another pan. Don’t let it boil! Just heat for a few seconds until you can’t smell the alcohol anymore.
10.) Add some soy sauce in.
11.) Then add the dashi stock you premade earlier.
12.) Heat for a few seconds and then pour the sauce into a bowl.
13.) Put the tofu in the sauce and enjoy your homemade agedashi tofu! Mmm nom nom nom!


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