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Cool or Boo: Hovding – The Fashionable Invisible Helmet

I can understand why cyclists don’t want to wear helmet.  It doesn’t look cool, and you cannot style your hair because the helmet is going to flatten your hair anyways.  But you have to wear it just to protect yourself from the unexpected. 

So some hair conscious designer in Stockholm designed this accessory for Cycylists who wants style and protection all in one:  Hovding – the invisble helmet.

The invisible helmet Hovding is an airbag-in-a-collar that you can wear on your neck.  Accelerometers detect abnormal movements and impact will activate the airbag (just like the airbag in the car).  The shell of the collar is removable and comes in different style and fabrics to match your outfit, and will be launched in new collections in different season.  Wohoooo~ very stylish huh?  If you don’t want to mess up your nice hairdo and still be able to protect your head on the road, remember to get Hovding! 


After the jump, watch a video that shows how an impact activates the Hovding.

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