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Rant of the Week – Parents, you really need to discipline your kids…

Parents these days are the worst I can see. They don’t discipline their children AT ALL. OOh no, they send them to their room or they don’t allow them to watch TV or play video games. They try to be the kids “friend”. TOTAL BS!!! BS!!!!!! SIGH~~~ If that worked, you think that the modern society is in such a wreck? Not to mention kids these days get EVERYTHING!! When I was a kid I remember that I had to work to earn that money to buy that Super NES and I still didn’t have enough, I had to buy it with my brother, we had to learn to share cause we both paid for it. But kids these days…. all they had to do is throw a tantrum or earn a “A” in a certain class. I didn’t get SHIT when I earned a “A” on ALL my classes. Kids these days have laptops. I never had a laptop. I still DON’T have a laptop. You give them everything NOW then how are they suppose to learn that they need to earn things?

I remember when I was a kid, I get smacked around, the ear twisting was my mom’s favorite. The ruler is my father’s favorite. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t do it for the heck of it. They only do it when me or my brother misbehave, broke a house rule or do something wrong, TOTALLY WRONG. We both would get smacked around. That is how we learn to not to do something if was told not to. But you have kids these days that don’t respect others.

Example, we where shooting for the carpool short and we got harassed by kids. We where NOT able to do what we need to do. One asian kid start throwing rocks at us. We ultimately had to move and go to a more quiet and kid free location.

My point of the example is, why the hell would a kid start throwing rocks at adults. We are over 20’s, adults. We can call the damn cops on him if we want. Why would anyone in the right mind start throwing rocks at people? I mentioned it to Akwan, and he said the kid didn’t know better? Didn’t KNOW BETTER? Dude, the kid is not like 5, he is atleast over 10 and he SHOULD know better. The parents should have taught him to respect others. I blame the parents. If the parents raise this kid better, maybe he would be throwing rocks at people and maybe he won’t grow up to be a jerk and maybe he won’t grow up to be a drug junky and maybe not a convenience store robber, and not turn out to be a murder. I swear this kids’ parents needs to be dragged out and have people throw rocks at them. You see the news where teens do drugs or rob people or rape people…..dude, I betcha atleast 85% of those folks are from parents that never discipline their kids. They let them do whatever they please as long the “LOVE” them and the kids “LOVE” them back. Come on!!!

Sorry, got a bit excited there, but you see my point. For folks that read this and have kids OR will have kids, please PLEASE I beg you, please discipline your kids, don’t release another savage monster into the society. We don’t need another jerk, we need another leader. They are suppose to be our future, if your raise them up as assholes, then what you think the future will be like? As parents, you are suppose to lay out a good moral and fundamental path for your kids. Not disciplining them is same as NOT DOING ANYTHING.

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