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Life captured in a collection of pictures.

I usually don’t care much about cameras or photos but this is pretty cool. And I assumed its not some expensive camera that took the pictures either.

This lady, her name is Ria van Dijk and she is 88 years old by this year. Every year starting from 16, she would go to the carnival and check out the shooting gallery. Every time she hits the target, a picture is taken.

Its not about what camera it was taken with. Its not about the technique. Its not about if she posed or not. Its not about the lighting. Its not even all about the lady, but the life she has gone thru and the times how the world has changed. Every pictures shows a different period of time. From the Construction of Hoover Dam is completed on March 1, 1936, gone thru World War II which was September 1, 1939 – September 2, 1945 and all that happened inbetween till now with the first black US president in the USA. All the history that has gone through. Can you imagine what your grandparents has seen and gone through? Can you imagine what you will go through?

The pictures were collected by Erik Kessels and Joep Eljkens and they posted it up chronologically on a website. I only posted up 2 here in this post showing when she was 16 and now 88 but if you go to the site it will have all the pictures. Showing how times has changed through out her life.

Check it out, maybe you can be inspired to start doing something similar.

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