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Nom Nom Nom – Review: Stockyard and Fleming’s and Burton’s, oh my!

Oh hey, welcome back to another edition of Nom Nom Nom! Gee, it sure does seem like a while now since I gave my last restaurant review, doesn’t it?! That probably means that I hadn’t really anything eaten much of note since Miami a month ago. Haha not really. But I’m back! And giving another review for you to read. So I noticed that I’ve been having a lot of steak recently so naturally this is going to be a steak post! Moooooooo!

Stockyard Restaurant
135 Market St.
Brighton, MA 02135

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
217 Stuart St.
Boston, MA 02116

Burton’s Grill
94 Derby St.
Hingham, MA 02043

So to begin, recently I went out to the Stockyard for lunch with some coworkers (yes, I do have a day job besides ABCcubed). While looking at the lunch menu to see if anything special caught my eye, I then set my eyes on one item and began to salivate — the prime rib lunch cut, which it was described as an “8-oz. cut with mashed potato & vegetable.” I contemplated for a while whether to get a steak for lunch or not, in worry that I might be subject to a food coma after I went back to work in the afternoon. But after a little bit, I thought “screw it, how often would I get to have steak for lunch, I’m gonna have the steak damnit!” And so I did. I put in my order for medium rare, sub mashed for fries, and had broccoli for veggies. When the food finally arrived, I’m not really sure what an 8 oz. steak is supposed to look like, but I’m pretty sure that what came out on my plate was not an 8 oz. steak to me. It sure looks (and feels) like a 12-ouncer (if not more)! But, if you know me, and the person that I am, I hate to waste food and especially a good piece of steak, I chow down not only the entire piece of “man-meat” but I devoured my whole lunch, all the fries and broccoli included, much to the shock of my coworkers. You should’ve seen their faces; their eyes were like this: O.O, literally haha. Anyways, back to the actual piece of meat, I asked for medium rare and it came out just that, although some could argue that it’s on a little bit more of the rare side than medium, but still good; I like it that way anyways. I don’t know about you but I love me a piece of prime rib. So soft, so succulent… mmm nom nom nom! The flavor could use a bit more, so that’s why I added salt and pepper to it, but still that could be just me. It’s hard to judge if a meal is good by looking at how much of the food I have eaten on my plate cause usually I would finish it no matter what, unless I am full haha!

Filet Mignon at Fleming's

Alright, on to the next location then. The next night (yes, I went out for steak on back-to-back days) I went to Fleming’s. Now the difference between the Stockyard and Fleming’s is that Fleming’s is touted as a “prime steakhouse” (even though it’s a franchise chain) and Stockyard is just a run-of-the-mill steakhouse, which probably translates to nothing more except the prices are 2x higher for a piece of meat at Fleming’s that’s all. So here, I ordered the Main Filet Mignon, medium rare, with a baked potato on the side. And what came out on my plate here looked like a 6 oz. hamburger patty, yes it was that small… hmm so I wonder what would the Petite Filet Mignon look like then. Oh well, needless to say, I finished mine in about 2 bites… ok fine, let’s make it 3 bites then. The meat came out medium rare as I had ordered, pink center and all, but unlike at the Stockyard, it was a bit more on the medium side than rare, not ideal for me but still good. Although the meat here was pretty seasoned well and flavorful, I didn’t really like the texture. Maybe it’s the cut of meat (I don’t usually order Filet Mignon’s but I did this time to give it another try) but to me, it just didn’t seem so soft to me. It was a bit on the tough side. I don’t know, maybe I’m just looking for a good piece of steak to just literally melt in my mouth when I put it in (and yes, I have had steak that really do do that before… mmm so good). But the baked potato was good though. I love baked potatoes, especially drizzled with some extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled lightly with some salt and fresh black pepper… mmm I think I just wet myself on that one (oops, maybe I shouldn’t have said that out loud).

Ribeye at Burton's

Okay, moving on, so the next day after that, I went to Burton’s Grill (yes, so I did go have steak 3 days in a row… sue me!). At Burton’s, I ordered their 14 oz. ribeye, medium rare, with baked potato (again) and green beans. Their meat came out looking like at Fleming’s, meaning it was more medium than rare but with pink center, but the size was definitely bigger. The ribeye was pretty soft, though not quite as soft as at Stockyard but it wasn’t as tough as at Fleming’s, so Burton’s was right in between. The flavor was okay, I guess, since I didn’t have a need to add salt and pepper to it, but it was nothing that stood out and exquisite. Green beans with olive oil and salt and pepper are just as good as a baked potato with that combination of condiments.

To finish off, Burton’s had the most casual-looking atmosphere. On one side of the place, there is a bar area with some LCD TV’s hanging from the ceiling. The service was just normal. She wasn’t extra slow nor pushy but it didn’t seem like she was working hard for any extra tips either. Another thing about Burton’s is that this is ONLY a steak place; they are famous for their seafood as well. So if you’re not too big on steak, you can order their many different selections of seafood platters there. The group I was with ordered many different dishes and appetizers but I can’t really comment on that as I didn’t have any of their food. But if anyone wants to contribute more to this review and give their opinion on the food that they had there (or any one of the other 2 places in this post), you can please feel free to leave your comments down below at the end of this post. I will appreciate it very much. Thank you. As for Fleming’s, it definitely had the most romantic ambiance in there, due to the dimness of the lighting there (I could hardly see my dark piece of meat). The service was okay. Our server treated us just right, although she did take a little while longer to come back and get us our check after we rejected her for desserts, which was a bit odd to me, because at some places, the check would be the fastest thing that comes to our table. The Stockyard also has a casual atmosphere. There isn’t really too much notable to say about the environment and the service. It was as it should be expected.

Money: The Stockyard: $$$ (out of 4)
Fleming’s: $$$$ (out of 4)
Burton’s: $$$ (out of 4)

Good date place? I suppose all 3 could warrant “yes’es” as you couldn’t really go wrong at a steak place if your date has a real hankering for a good piece of “man-meat” 😉

Grade: The Stockyard: A-
Fleming’s: B
Burton’s: B+

Would I return? (Yay or nay): Yay, I would definitely return to all 3 places but it probably won’t be for a while now at least.

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