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“AKwan’s Kitchen” – Episode 3: Beef and Broccoli

In this episode, AKwan teaches you how to make the typical Asian dish of beef and broccoli stir-fry. Recipe and video after the jump.

Ingredients (serves 4):
– beef (flank or sirloin will do)
– broccoli
– garlic cloves (chopped)
– white pepper powder
– salt
– sugar
– soy sauce

1.) Cut beef into thin strips.
2.) Marinate beef in salt, white pepper, sugar, and soy sauce. Let sit for a few minutes so flavor can be absorbed into the beef.
3.) When oil is heated in a small wok/pan, put in garlic.
4.) Put in the beef into the wok.
5.) Cover and let beef cook until it’s about medium-rarish.
6.) Put in the broccoli next.
7.) Cover and cook broccoli throughly. Make sure there is enough water to generate some steam when you cover it; if not, you can add a little bit more water first.
8.) Add in some Shaoxing Cooking Wine, if you want [optional].
9.) When broccoli is almost done (it’s not as hard as before but yet it’s still crisp), put in some cornstarch/water mixture as a thickening agent so you’ll have a nice sauce too.
10.) Let the beef and broccoli cook for a few little while longer and, voila! You’re done!

Now go and enjoy your yummy beef and broccoli. Nom nom nom!

If you missed Episode 2, you can watch it here:

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