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“AKwan’s Kitchen” – Episode 1: Tofu, peas, and shrimp

Here it is folks! What you’ve all been waiting for — the premiere episode of “AKwan’s Kitchen!” In this episode, AKwan teaches you how to make the dish of tofu, peas, and shrimp. Recipe and video after the jump.

– Soft tofu
– Green peas (can be frozen)
– Shrimp (can be fresh or frozen; if frozen, defrost first accordingly)
– Salt
– White pepper powder
– Cornstarch

1.) Cut up tofu into small, little cubes, or if you prefer, chunks; just small enough so you don’t choke on a big-ass piece.
2.) Heat up wok/pan with oil.
3.) When wok/pan is hot enough, put shrimp in. Add some salt and white pepper. Toss them around. Cover.
4.) When shrimp is just done i.e. the moment the shrimp all turns orange, put in the peas and toss them around with the shrimp. Cover.
5.) When mixture starts to boil, finally add in the tofu. Carefully toss everything around to mix everything up evenly. Cover.
6.) If it becomes too watery, you can add in a cornstarch/water mixture to thicken things up; also, this way you can have some kind of “sauce” for it.
7.) Let everything simmer while covered for a few minutes and then voila! You’re done!

Now go and enjoy your yummy tofu, peas, and shrimp. Nom nom nom!

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