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Contact Us

If you want to send email, questions, comments to us personally, or if any of you ladies out there want to set up a date with “Boyd, the single guy,” here is our contact info:

For general inquiries/comments:
abccubed [at] gmail [dot] com

Alan Kwan
axkwan [at] abccubed [dot] com

Boyd Law [at] abccubed [dot] com

Ricky Kwan
rkwan [at] abccubed [dot] com

Or… if you want to leave us an audio message with your questions, comments, opinions, or thoughts, you can do so by calling us at 857-342-ABC3 (2223) or via the Google Voice widget below:


  1. Click on “Call Me”
  2. Enter in your name (this could be arbitrary) and YOUR phone number
  3. Once you click “Connect,” your phone will ring
  4. When you answer your phone, the system will automatically put you through to our voicemail, where you can leave your message

Disclaimer: when you leave a message, you are giving your permission for us to use that message in any of our future podcasts or projects. So stay tuned! Your message might make it on the air with us someday!

Note: This is only experimental for now. We are just testing this feature to see how well it will work. So help us test this out now!

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