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Rant of the Week: Food Truck Festivals ~ WHAT? I need to follow you fu*ers to try every freakin truck!?!?!?!

Food truck festivals is a ploy. After going one yesterday, I confirmed and assured of it. So yesterday, Akwan and I went to check out whats all the hub-bub about these Food Truck Festivals that everyone and anyone in town is talking about. I know, some of you folks would be like…”whoa~~~!!! food from a truck? why would you even eat that crap?”….hey man, food is food, and I assure you, its not the food that I am complaining. The food is pretty good IF you can get to it. OEY~~~~~ The rant really starts here. Ok, so yesterday the event started at 12, good timing, lunch…….or so we thought. We got there, FAT ASS LONG LINE just to check you in. Fine, ok….. There are 20 trucks so we also thought…”well there will be plenty of food….”… I guess there is plenty of food, if you can get to it. Notice how many times I said…”if you can get to it”. The lines are ridiculous, as Akwan would put it….”its like lining up for a ride for a Disney ride”.

Look for $30 admissions, I would think I would be walking away with a full stomach but what we walked away was sunburns. We waited in line for so long, we got freakin sunburns, if I get skin cancer, those trucks are paying for my chemo. Fine, its understandable, I mean it was a big event, there were alot of people, it wasn’t avoidable with the lines and I kept trying to tell myself…”oooh its not that bad, the lines are actually moving, so its ok”. Then we finally smart up and devised a strategy….”oooh what if we split up and you take my ticket for a certain truck and get my share too and I do that same for you….”……sounds like a good plan huh? Trust me, we aren’t the only person that thought of it and its the only way to truly enjoy all 20 trucks but what they did is an ass of a move to the maximum. The truck staff started to tell people…”one ticket person”. We were like…”what the hell?” So THIS is when I started to think the entire thing is a scam. I paid $30, I expected to be able to try all the food thats there, but with the long lines, HOW DO YOU HAVE A CHANCE? Some trucks lines are SOOOO slow, by the time you get food, the other trucks would run out of food. So how the scam works……you are advertised to be able to try 20 different trucks of food, but if you lined up in a line that NEVER moves, and by the time you DO get food from that truck, all the other ones don’t have food for you, now, how can the food trucks run out of food if they KNOW how many tickets are sold. People can’t just walk in and get food, they need a ticket, so they KNOW how many people will be coming. So HOW can they run out of food if they assume every ticket they sold, would be 1 person. Its a definite number, its simple math……. ITS A SCAM!!!!

Like I said, its not the food that I am complaining, if you never been to one of these things, I don’t recommend you to go, but if you choose to, it is a experience in life that you and you only can experiece. I never been to one so it was something new but by the end of it I want to burn a freakin truck down. They were walking around with surveys….ooooh now I wished I filled one in. I would say…”you people are damn SCAM artists!!”. I think I will stick with restaurants, atleast I won’t get a sunburn and I get to walk away with a full stomach. With $30, I can get some high class fancy smancy food for lunch.

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