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Google, circa 1990 – NO ITS NOT REAL…..but its fun to think back

OOohhhh I remembered I had dial up back in the days. People now these days take the “highspeed” internet for granted. You have people complaining the web is “slow”. Look here man!! You don’t know slow till you used dial up. OOOOOH I hear stupid kids says torrents are slow…….F U!!! tell me when its slow when you tried to download a video off the net with a dial up connection. Stupid teens……GO GET A JOB!!….AHEM AHEM….anyway….I was checking my daily sites in my office and I came across this fun site. Wait for the dial tone, and then follow the onscreen directions. Its pretty cool. OOOhhh I remember this, internet was free if you know people. I remember I use to tap into a certain uuummmm Institute in Massachusetts thru dialup and I get free internet. Those were the days.

Check it out here

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