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AKwan’s Kitchen: How To Make Pineapple Fried Rice

This week, we venture into the world of Thai food and we make pineapple fried rice! With special guest, LEGNA! 😀

Video after the jump.

– cooked rice
– pineapple (either fresh or canned)
– chicken (or your choice of meat/tofu)
– tomato
– red pepper
– onion
– carrots
– eggs
– curry powder
– raisins
– sugar
– soy sauce
– fish sauce
– oil

1.) For preparation, dice up pineapple and chicken into little cubes, and dice up the tomato, red pepper, onion, and carrots. Beat the eggs.
2.) Heat up a pan with some oil.
3.) Pour the beaten eggs into the pan and scramble them.
4.) Add in the onion.
5.) When onion starts to brown, add in the carrots. You can either then add some water and cover to cook the carrots for a bit now or you can steam them for a little bit beforehand.
6.) Add in the chicken (or whatever meat) here, and if raw, make sure to cook thoroughly.
7.) Now add in the rest of the vegetables–tomato and red pepper.
8.) You can start adding the rice here and stir-fry everything together.
9.) Season the fried rice with some fish sauce, soy sauce, sugar, and some curry powder.
10.) Top off with some raisins to finish.
11.) Then, get ready to enjoy some homemade Thai-style pineapple fried rice! Mmm nom nom nom.


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