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AKwan’s Kitchen: How To Make Dim-Sum Style Chicken Feet

Oh hello! What are you doing in the refrigerator? And what are those “tentacle-ly” things in front of you? Well, have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant for Dim Sum? And have you seen people eat what looks like severed hands? Well, those are actually braised chicken feet, or 鳳爪 in Chinese. Find out in this episode how those are really made.

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– chicken feet
– honey
– oil

For braising:
– star anise
– ginger

For marinade:
– oyster sauce
– dark soy sauce
– dried black beans
– red peppers
– sugar
– salt

1.) Wash the chicken feet first and then pat dry.
2.) Make sure to cut the toenails off after.
3.) Toss them around in some honey before frying.
4.) When oil in a deep pan or fryer heats up to around 350°F, gently place chicken feet in.
5.) Fry for about 7 minutes.
6.) Take out chicken feet and drain oil.
7.) In a large pot, boil some water with star anise and ginger slices.
8.) Put in the fried chicken feet into the pot and let simmer in medium heat for 90 minutes.
9.) After 90 minutes, drain water from the pot.
10.) In a mixing bowl, combine marinade ingredients and mix with chicken feet.
11.) Cover bowl with plastic wrap and place in fridge. Let it sit for 24 hours for the flavors to soak in.
12.) When ready to eat, heat up the chicken feet in a bamboo steamer, or, on a heat-resistant plate.
13.) Enjoy your homemade dim-sum style chicken feet! Mmm nom nom nom!


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