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olloclip Kickstarter, hhmmm who is the target prospect here?

So while breezing thru my “must check websites at work” list. I went onto and I came across this.

So I am not bashing the company for conjuring up this…hhhmmm product….I mean, atleast the dude thought it was a good idea but I was wondering, who is the target prospect? I mean, if any person loves their IPhone, they love it because of their clean design and “good enough” hardware. Now WHY would they want to clip a clunky piece of plastic on to take pictures? If I know people, and I think I do, most of them will wait for Apple to implement and add in a more powerful camera in, instead of attaching a piece of ugly plastic.

Then you have the photography folks. If they love photography so much, they would probably have a real camera already, so WHY would they need this? It says that is a all inclusive and this will take care of all the lens you have. But if you are a photography person, you probably spent a gazillion on real lenses already so why would you leave those lens there to collect dust after you paid so much?

Hmmmm well its not officially IN the market yet, its still in as they call it..”project” stage. But….hhhmmm maybe I don’t know enough about photography or love my IPhone enough to see how this will work out. But hey, what do I know? BUT IF YOU are very interested in this. Check it out at their website listed below.

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