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Click Click! 045: Photoshop CS4 Easy tips to fix up your portraits. Part I


"Looking thru the Glass" F4.5 | 1/80s | ISO 1600

Every Wednesday of the week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!” -Just a simple guy with a camera

March’s 2011 Photo Challenge: Shoot water with various shutter speeds to create mist, or a single drop.

Photoshop, Picasa, or Lightroom are all tools. No matter what tools you use, the basis of a good photo always comes from you taking that photo with your camera.  Well, we are back again with this week on figuring things out. I decided to look at a few of my photos, and decided to do some re-touching on them.

After the break, I will give you a the quick tutorial with Photoshop CS4 on how to fix up  your portraits.

Original Photo




1. Image -> Adjustments -> Curves. Notice that blue arrow makes the shadows darker, and yellow arrow makes the hi-lights lighter.

Softening Effect:

2a. Duplicate Layer

2b. On this same layer, go to Filter -> Blur -> Surface Blur. I used 55 Radius and Threshold 12 for my Surface Blur in my example.

2c. Lower layer opacity. Using 100% opacity makes the photo too soft. So I lowered mine to 40%.


Get Details Back:

3. Use the Erase tool on the duplicate layer. I used the eraser tool on the hair to get the strands back, and around the eyes.

Viola! Now we have touched up our portrait just a little bit. Wasn’t too bad was it.

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