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Cool or Boo: SeeSaw Battery

I always ALWAYS have problem getting double A battery out of ANY device…  The batteries fit so nicely in the device is so fitted that it is so hard to change them.  Just another day I broke my fingernail trying to change the battery out of a TV remote control!!

Designer Young-Suk Kim probably had the same problem, and didn’t want to ruine her nicely manicure nail, so she designed the SeeSaw Battery.  The battery has tapered edges that makes it easies to eject.  All you have to do is push down on one end of the battery, and the opposite end will pop up.  Just like a seesaw! 

Cool or Boo: SeeSaw Battery

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  • Randall Flagg

    I have far from manicured nails and some devices are really tough to get batteries out. All things being equal with Duracell & Energizer, I’d buy these

  • Legna

    you are not a girl, so you won’t understand!