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Click Click! 044: If you have a T2i, would you upgrade to T3i?

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Every Wednesday of the week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!”
-Just a simple guy with a camera

Let’s begin with March’s 2011 Photo Challenge: Shoot water with various shutter speeds to create mist, or a single drop.

Since, I currently wield a Canon camera T2i and have multiple lenses. I would of course, be interested in the any new cameras and lens that Canon announces. Well, the Canon T3i is the successor to the T2i which is now released. It is available in the USA for MSRP with kit lens at $899, and body only at $799.

T3i Specs:

  • 18 Megapixel CMOS Sensor
  • Digic 4 Image processor
  • 3 inch articulating screen
  • 3.7 FPS
  • 9 Point Auto-Focus

So wow, other than articulating LCD just like the Canon 60D, these specs are the exactly same as my T2i. Obviously I didn’t list all of them.  Why or why not will you upgrade?

More after the break:

Will these differences (or gimmicks) get you interested:

Differences of T3i Vs T2i

  1. Articulated LCD screen. This is very useful for video, and for interesting creativity shots. Definitely one of the main reasons if I were to upgrade. +
  2. Screen Intelligent Auto Mode. Perhaps this predicts if your scene is portrait, and makes more neutral color for skin tones. Good to have, but imo unimportant.
  3. Control Exter flashes master/slave. Very Sweet! Now more creativity with artificial lights. Another +
  4. Slightly larger/wider body. The current t2i feels in my hand fine, so no pro for this.
  5. Creative Filter like Fish Eye, miniature, etc. Trying to replace Lomo type cameras, cool to have, but still unimportant.
  6. Movie Digital Zoom from 3x to 10x. Cool for videographers, but I’m not.
  7. Video Snapshot that let’s you shoot at 2, 4, or 8 seconds of clip, and combine them. Cool to have for video, but still not my main reason for video DSLR.

Overview: I do like how some of these features are available on T3i, and not trickle down from higher tier Canon cameras. However, I still wouldn’t upgrade my T2i to T3i, since the image quality should be the same. T3i is gaining a lot of grounds on video, but I’m not a video person, so not a big deal. The only things that I would like is the articulating screen, because it’s handy on self-portraits. =p.

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