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Rant of the Week – Chinatown jaywalkers

I usually rant or make fun of chinese drivers. I know, I know, I shouldn’t make fun of my own kind, but I am NOT making fun of them. You go to chinatown, any chinatown and you see old chinese men jaywalk oh heck…..they just cross whenever they freakin feel like it. The light will be green and TONS of cars will be coming towards the dude, and the dude won’t care, he would have a cigarette in mouth and coffee in hand and walk SLOWLY and I repeat..SLOWLY…. crossing the street. Oh and get this, he is not even crossing the street at a crosswalk. Its just where ever and when ever he feels like crossing. Then you have people telling me…”ooh maybe he didn’t see the green”…ok fine, but what about the sign that has the red palm and the white walking man? You can’t miss those. They still cross….

Look, I am not saying I don’t jaywalk, or I don’t cross when there is a red palm or the light is green. But these people are crazy, they cross when on coming cars are ZOOMING and I repeast….ZOOMING….. You know like that Mazda commercial..Zoom Zoom. They freakin cross whenever they really feel like it. Then cars….yes CARS…….notice the “S”..meaning plural….meaning more than 1 car… zooming down the street, they don’t care for their lives. They cross……

Ok fine, they don’t have to care for their lives, dude, care for the drivers life. His life might be ruined if he hits you. His psychological blah blah might break down and go crazy knowing he or she hit a old chinese man thats crossing the street whenever he damn feels like it.

OOOOOhhh I am not making this stuff up on whim. You go to any chinatown and you will see what I am talking about. Heck my grandmother does it. She says cars are suppose to stop for her. I am like…”what kind of high horse is she riding on? Who have to stop for HER?”……….I asked her that and she says…”Hey I am old, you are suppose to stop for old people…”….I was like…”what the hell logic is that BS?”. Ok, as a human being, a sane human being, I should stop for anything that moves, but what if I can’t stop in time? What if my break lines are cut? Then she is screwed.

Well its too late for them..but the worst thing is that now everyone and I say “EVERYONE” now thinks that is the rule for chinatown. You have folks thats not even chinese come into chinatown and just cross whenever and jaywalk. It just causes traffic. Chinatown traffic is not the best in the world already. Come on people!!!!

SIGH!~~~~~~~ Is it so hard to follow some rules? Where are you people rushing to? Folk can’t wait couple of minutes? People in HK don’t do it…..then again I am sure they would if they don’t get ticketed and fine for it. Is it in our nature? I don’t do it, so what does that make me? Its just some simple rules, PEOPLE FOLLOW THEM!! THEY ARE THERE FOR A REASON!!

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