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Nom Nom Nom – Review: Tampopo, Cambridge, MA

This week’s review comes from the Porter Exchange building right in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA. For those of you who don’t know, this building is shared by Lesley University and a bunch of other retail stores, like small Japanese restaurants for example. This review is about Tampopo, one of those small Japanese restaurants.

1815 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140

Review Date: February 2011

Tampopo is a quaint little restaurant (well, they all are in there really, with a few exceptions) that serves a lot of variety of Japanese cuisine–from tempura to udon noodle to katsu-don, which is a rice bowl with some kind of fried cutlet of meat. What I had ordered at this time was the Soboro Tofu Bowl with Beef, which is basically a rice bowl with minced beef and fried tofu (alternative option is steamed tofu). Although, I did find my beef to be just a tad bit underseasoned for my tastes. But besides that, nom nom nom! This also comes with a side of miso soup as well.

A note: this place doesn’t have too much seating so if you go at peak time (which we did–around dinnertime), you will have to wait for a table to open up, which would be the norm for the other places around there as well, since they are just as equally as small.

Money: $ (out of 4)

Good date place? Hmm sure, maybe… why not?

Grade: B+

Would I return? (Yay or nay): Yay. We come here pretty often so I’m sure there’s no doubt we’ll be back here sometime in the near future.

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