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Rant of the Week – Ghost Hunters International

I am a BIG horror film person. Give me a horror film and I will sit thru it as if its a love comedy for girls. So when Scifi channel created a show or produced or aired, whatever it was, that deals with folks looking for real ghosts. I am the first guy to go sit down and watch it. I remember my first episode of Ghost Hunters. It was boring. They didn’t find anything and they didn’t do much either. But I stuck with them and watched up till recently till they are now making me fall asleep everytime I watch. I still DVR it, but not as crazy about anymore. Then they……

So one show is not enough, they made Ghost Hunters International, and Ghost Hunters Academy. Thank god Acadamy died and cancelled, or so I believe. But for some CRAZY reason International stayed.

My rant is not about the premise of the show, well maybe a little but for now I am ranting about how they go to some European non-English speaking country side and start interviewing spirits in English. In one episode they went to some czechoslovakian coutry side old castle and they started talking to the spirits in English. What the hell? Do they all really think the whole world is only made up of one language? Are they that ignorant? Shouldn’t they bring a interpreter? Its like me going into Burger King’s and asking for a Crab Rangoon. They start asking what the spirits name is, I was like…”what the hell? does all ghost become english once they become ghosts?”, if so hey maybe its a benefit to be a ghost. Shouldn’t you folks consider that NOT everyone speaks english especially when you are supposedly talking to a 18th or whatever century ghost. Just because you people speak english don’t mean they do to. Don’t be ignorant you stupid jerks. I know that if you ever come to my house and ask me in english, I ain’t answering if I was a ghost. Talk to me in chinese jerk off!! HA!!!

Second, why is it titled “Ghost Hunter International”? I have seen this show aired for atleast more that three seasons and its all just Europe. I know Europe is HUGE BUT……isn’t South America part of “International”? and isn’t Asia part of “International”? How come its always just Europe? oOOOOH don’t tell me a lame excuse that goes by this…”ooh they probably just want to finish up Europe first..” BULL CRAP!!! GRADE A AMERICAN MADE BULL CRAP!!!! and don’t even tell me…”ooh maybe they aren’t able to get permission”…ANOTHER MAJOR BULLCRAP!!!! There are other shows that got permissions, so they can too. What? our asian ghost are too powerful and too scary for you? What you know asian ghosts can’t understand English? ooooooooo you are NOW being stereotypical and racist……..Alot of us asians know english and can speak it well too.

Scifi channel, do you see how you putting up a show titled “Ghost Hunters International”, you are offending many countries and many people. Please cancel this BS or take my suggestions and do a decent job of it. I am not saying all 18th century or what century European ghost can’t understand english, but what is the chances that ALL of them understand English. Think, this was back then…….heck even now, not every european person knows english, how can you expect all the spirits of the european past knows english. And also if you are to titled it “international” then go to other places to be international, don’t just stay in europe. If the show is just staying in Europe, then the show should be renamed to “Ghost Hunters Europe”.

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