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Anime on the Horizon: Gosick

Set in a fictional European country, Sauville. Newly exchange student, Kazuya Kujo from Japan, don’t have much friends and is made fun of because of his dark black hair. The school, St. Marguerite Academy, itself is famous among students that is full of legends and ghost stories. One day he meets Victorique, a blonde girl that looks like a doll on highest level of the library tower. After, Kujo and Victorique takes on different cases and mysteries.
Is it one of those cute girl moé junk that flooded the anime industry? or is it worth watching? read on to see our views.


Well this is the suppose newest Moé anime. Sigh~~~ I really don’t care for that stuff. I am a big mystery case solving person. I use to watch Detective Conan and YES I SAID DETECTIVE CONANnot Case Closed.
Well so far the cases are not as complex and fun to watch as Detective Conan. I mean they had a case where the murder stringed a set of masks and made a locked door case murder weapon out of it. Who can think of it? I mean I can actually use it to kill someone if I want and it will take folks weeks to figure it out.
But so far stuff in Gosick is pretty mild. Nothing to brain racking. Its more like an adventure for the two characters. I am up to episode 6 of Gosick where they are going to reveal more of the backstory for Victorique. Its an ok anime, I really don’t care for the moé factor but the story is has me looking forward to the next episode so far. Its watchable, it doesn’t consists BIG booby girls running around for no reason or there is one guy and gazilliong girls, I truly hate those. If you are looking for a light heated mystery solving anime, this might be for you, look beyond the cuteness and see for yourself.


Characters:  Victorique (one of the main characters) – She feels like a conceited brat, but she’s surely a very clever detective.  From time to time, she will take out that smoking pipe, and act like Sherlock Holmes in re-animating the entire  crime scene.  Kazuya Kujo – (main character) – the story seems to follow him. He’s somewhat of a standout since he’s Japanese,  and is in a European country in 1924. Since coming from a military family, he has a strong heart to protect Victorique, and seem innocent enough to be pick on by Victorique.

Animation: I really like the character design of Victorique, because she reminds me of “CHI” in “Chobits”.

Overview: Well-put detective story. After each episode, there is somethings a hook to get you in for more. The only thing I dislike is that sometimes Victorique resolves the riddle so quickly, that it didn’t leave much time for the viewers to think about it. Nonetheless, this has made to once of my most favorite anime for Winter 2010/2011.

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