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Cool or Boo (Blaw’s edition): “Fresh Flowers”…..

With Legna out and about and busy with blah blah blah. Whatever she is doing, she is busy… for this week I will be presenting you Cool or Boo.

For y’all non-single folks, Valentines day is coming up…YES!! its Monday, better plan something or the misses will not be TOO happy….. Planning to buy flowers? Those damn roses cost a fortune man. I am single and even I know that. So here is an alternative. The Fresh Flowers.

Basically its a picture of some flower printed on a sheet of paper. You get to roll it up and put in a cup and call it innovative. Its only $12 or 8.50 Euro.

To me its just a picture printed on a sheet. But if you are brave enough to buy this and present it to your girl, why not just go on google, do a search of a flower picture, copy, paste and then print on a nice sheet of paper, then you are done. Its free. $12? for real? what is this dude thinking of is beyond me. But whatever. But now you can skip the whole “buying flower” thing and you can just do this and say..”oooh its the newest fad in Europe”…….hey, chicks are crazy about the newest “fad”….so there you go, done.

If you really plan to get these…(which is kinda late in my opinion….) here is a link to it..

Cool or Boo: Fresh Flowers

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