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Nom Nom Nom – Review: Bon Chon, Allston, MA

So after hearing all the rave reviews about this place and going through cravings for several weeks to try it out, I finally paid a visit to the Bon Chon in Allston recently. And if you’ve ever heard anyone compare this place to KFC, then they are absolutely right! It’s just like that — Korean Fried Chicken — but even better!

Bon Chon
123 Brighton Ave
Allston, MA 02134

Review Date: February 2011

So for starters, we ordered the rice cake skewers and avocado salad. The rice cake skewers were kinda like tteokbokki (another well-known Korean dish, for those of you who had it) — chewy and spicy. And speaking from such a Thai food fanatic as I am, when I say something’s spicy, then you better believe it certainly has a kick to it. For our entrees, of course we had to order the chicken (more about that later) and to go with our chicken, we ordered their house fried rice, with seafood.

Now for their famous chicken. They offer three options to choose from: strips, wings, and drumsticks. We had ordered their wings and drumsticks combo, which came out to be 20 pieces total. You also have a choice of what sauce the chicken is dipped in, either in soy garlic, a spicy hot sauce, or “half & half” — half the pieces are dipped in each sauce — which is what we chose. When I picked up the very first piece, my shock was with how very light the chicken felt… and I’m not kidding you! I’ve picked up my fair share of chicken wings/drumsticks from various Chinese restaurants and KFC in my life before but none of them ever felt this light as Bon Chon’s. Even after I was finished with all the meat, the actual bone still somehow felt lighter than usual to me. I was amazed. They must use some kind of “magic” batter or the chickens they use must be “magic.” As for the taste, they tasted, how should I put it, oh-so-nom-nom-nom! Both flavors were delicious to me but if I had to pick one, I think I would go with the soy garlic one a little more. It was just a tad bit more flavorful. The spicy flavor was a bit mild (for my tastes) but it did have the taste of hot sauce in it though. I think the rice cake skewers were much spicier.

Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable experience. They have flat-screen TV’s all over the place so there is really no need to request a special table or booth just so you can catch the sports game for that night. The wait also wasn’t too long. We went on a Friday night and I saw groups of people just walking in and getting seated a little just before the peak time. During the peak time, the wait was fairly quick too – about 15-20 minutes. For those of you looking for something else other than chicken, they do have other Korean dishes and tapas on the menu. They even have a sushi bar, if you so incline.

Money: $$ (out of 4)

Good date place? Yes, indeedy.

Grade: A

Would I return? (Yay or nay): Yay. In fact, I’m currently contemplating if I should go back to get my lunch and/or dinner today… hmm…

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