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AKwan’s Kitchen: How To Make Wontons

First off, Happy Chinese New Year! May your Year of the Rabbit be full of prosperity and wealth!

Now, let’s welcome in season 2 of “AKwan’s Kitchen!” In this season premiere episode, watch AKwan and a couple of very special guests show you how to make some traditional Chinese wontons.

– ground pork
– wonton wrapping skins
– eggs, beaten
– scallions, for garnishing
– yellow chives
– shitaki mushrooms
– shrimp, chopped
– soy sauce
– cornstarch
– chicken stock/broth, for soup

1.) Marinate pork with some soy sauce and the cornstarch. Mix.
2.) Combine shrimp, chives, and mushrooms in with the meat. Mix.
3.) Now, wrap the filling in a wonton wrapper. Careful not to put too much filling in it.
4.) After wrapping all the wontons, boil some chicken broth in a pot.
5.) When broth boils, gently put the wontons in and cook for 6 minutes or until thoroughly cooked.
6.) When the wontons are cooked, take them out and put them in a bowl, with the soup. You can feel free to cook some wonton noodles now and put them in too and/or top it off with some scallions for garnish.

And there you go! You just made some homemade wonton soup! Mmm om nom nom nom!


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