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Rant of the Week: Hong Kong people and their shorten word slangs

My parents are from Hong Kong so I am NOT againt Hong Kong in general. I love the place, all my cousins are there and I love them all. What I am REALLY bothered by is how lazy they are becoming everyday.

I was recently told that, in cantonese, “sing leh”…. is to “level up oneself”, meaning to gain more experience and make a better self. Thats all fine a dandy but what I want to know is why can’t they say it in plain cantonese? Why is it shorten? For you english readers out there, here is example…… for example, instead of saying..”I am going to work”…..shortened in the Hong Kong people logic would be something like “gowo”. See how that works? Its horrible, its lazy, its pathetic and its lame. Who are they trying to impress? Why can’t they say the whole formulated, structure sentence? Rappers makes more sense. Sooner or later our great language, cantonese, will be ruined by these useless bunch of eaters in Hong Kong. USELESS EATERS!!!!! GO TO CLASS AND GET A JOB INSTEAD OF MAKING UP THESE BS STUPID WORDS!!!!! Don’t they understand that they are ruining a piece of history here? The language was spoken for many hundred of years and they are ruining it. They are destroying a piece of history. PLUS…….it just makes them look so lazy and uneducated. What are you? You suffering some kind of brain damage that cause you to not able to form a phrase and just blab jibberish? I do hope that they know it doesn’t make them any better coming up with these stupid jibberish. To me they are all idiots and the only reason they came up with these jibberish is because their tongue was born with some kind of defect to cause them not able to say the actual words. I hope they read this and realize how STUPID and RIDICULOUS they are.

Oh yeah, you want to fight asshole? You think your jibberish can take me down? OOOOHHHH!!! Come on BITCH!!! COME ON!!!!! just my sentence can take you down……..OOOOOOO take that BITCH!!!!! SUCK ON IT!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

AHEM~~~ Sorry about that. But like I said before, I do hope they read this and realize and reflect and think about the whole situation.

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