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Cool or Boo: Virtual Girlfriend from your Augmented Reality iPhone App.

Ever went on a trip by yourself and hope that you have a special someone there with you?  No worry, travel to Japan now, and your dream can come true!

Konami Digital Entertainment created a dating sim game called “Love Plus” for Nintendo DS and an AR (augmented reality) application for the iPhones to attract the game lovers.

The AR application on the iPhones will show an pre-programmed amine character image when pointing the iPhone at the “photo-taking” designated area with the white and black panel.  Tourists can stand next to the panel and have their pictures taken with their virtual girlfriends. 🙂

If you want to have a precious memory picture taken with the pretty Rinko or her teenage friends Manaka and Nene from “Love Plus”, go visit one of the 13 famous resort spot of Kanichi and Omiya in Atami, southwest of Tokyo.

AR Virtual GF iPhone App, cool or boo?

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