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Cool or Boo: Piece of Cake – Credit card Dutch calculator

Imagine this.  You get together with some friends for dinner, and when it’s time to pay the bill, everyone wants to pay with credit card.  So you do the math, calculate the bill, give the waiter all six credit cards and tell him how much to charge on each card, especially to charge extra on the person who orders dessert to go.  Does this sound like a situation you had been in before?  Sometimes dealing with the check can be an headache, that’s why the “Piece of cake – Credit card Dutch calculator” a great design concept. Visual aid and your vote after the continue. 

The “Piece of cake” is a device that display the list of total items (food) that you and your friends order on a screen, and everyone can then select the items they order and the device will calculate the total for each person, so everyone can pay for their portions by swiping the credit card on the respective slots.

Even though the device is good about doing the calculation for you, and it has the ability to calculate down to the penny, but I think it’s all about having a good time with friends, so who care about that extra buck you have to pay for your friend’s drink!

Designers: Jung You Chul, Her Miran, Lee Chang Ho, Lee Kiho and Shin Youngmi.

Cool or Boo: Credit card Dutch calculator

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