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Rant of the Week: Chinese Drivers think they are still in China.

I am not saying I m the best and safest driver around. I have gotten into accidents and so on and so forth. But I obey the basic laws. When there is a BIG FAT sign that says “ONE WAY”, I go ONE WAY only and the way that is pointing. When it says “No Parking Anytime”, IT MEANS NO PARKING!!!…and there is a reason for it most of the time.

The worst place you will find these kinda of drivers are in Chinatown. Just because they are in Chinatown, they think they can forget about the law. A two street becomes “hey, I drive whichever side as long I get to my destination FIRST” street. And fire hydrants become..”oooh a free parking spot”…. Oh handicapped spaces? Forget it…….98% handicapped stickered car owners in Chinatown are not handicapped…I repeat…..NOT HANDICAPPED!!! The rule bending goes beyond what I just mentioned but if I say anymore I might get pitchforked and hanged by them.

SIGH~~~~~ Come on….. for realz? You can follow some rules? Just because you did it in China, doesn’t mean its the same here. Like I said, One Way means ONE WAY!! Don’t act if you don’t understand it either, if you don’t, how the hell did you get your license? Oh you don’t know how you got it either? Well we need to ask the person that is giving out the tests. We are chinese folks are not trouble makers, we don’t want conflict, come on……obey the law and GET OUT OF MY FREAKIN WAY NEXT TIME WHEN I AM IN CHINATOWN!!!! GO BACK HOME AND DRIVE LIKE A MANIAC!!! I AM OBEYING THE FREAKIN LAW HERE SO YOU EITHER GO OR GET OUT OF MY FREAKIN WAY YOU FREAKIN OLD MAN!!!

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