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Anime on the Horizon: Mazinkaiser SKL

Anime has became lame and suck. I haven’t watch anime for awhile BUT recently I decide to pick it back up. And what will I see? And what will I expect? Let’s take a adventure and check this out. Starting today and in the future, most likely in the weekend, Ricky and I will give a review on recent anime that we have watched.So today let me start with a new title, Mazinkaiser SKL.


To start off with some Mazinkaiser background. It all started with the a OLD super robot anime. Why the “super robot”, it means that its a robot that is powered by bravery, courage and some kind of mystical magic and it doesn’t follow ANY real life physics AT all. Anyway….as I was saying, it all started of with a old super robot anime, Mazinger Z OR as the USA knows it as Tranzor Z. I have no idea why the name change nor why they chose “Tranzor”… doesn’t transform or anything. The original anime aired in Japan from 1972 – 1974. The creator, Go Nagai (ie: Devilman, GetterRobo, Cutey Honey, Jeeg….if you have no idea what I am talking here….look them up…), created the series to pay tribute to Tetsuwan Atom (or as people in the USA calls him Astroboy). But as the years past buy, fans created fan series of the original and that is how it has evolved today’s Mazinkaiser.

The concept of Mazinkaiser was first introduced in the game, Super Robot Wars F Final. I remember when I played that game on my OLD PS1. It took the old design of Mazinger Z and updated it. And it was AWESOME!!!!. But after watching this latest change in Mazinkaiser SKL, I wanted to cry and poke my eyes out.

Blaw’s take: (STEER AWAY)

Don’t want to spoil anything for anyone that still have any interest in watching this horrible crap. First of all, ALL the “Super Robot” stuff is taken out. Second, there are 2 pilots now…… I don’t know what that means, the old Mazinkaiser has 1 pilot and it ruled. It can take out a planet if it wants. BUT NOW its all dumbed down. 2 pilots. 1 does long range with guns and 1 with short range with a sword. WHAT!?!?!?!? Technology went backwards? Last time I watched Mazinkaiser, there were BIG explosions and lasers and heat beams that was fired with no physics reasoning. But now they change it into a fast paced gun shooting robot anime. I am sorry, this is Mazinkaiser, NOT Gundam SEED or Gundam OO. Who are they targeting with this new OVA? YES its a OVA series, and the worst part….there are reused scenes already in episode 1. ITS A OVA………usually OVA’s have higher quality. Well atleast thats how the old OVA’s are like. Take Gundam Unicorn, its a OVA, and it WAS awesome, the quality was not seen for awhile. Ok, some might say..”you are comparing Gundam, which is considered to be a REAL ROBOT, with Mazinkaiser…”, while I think that argument is stupid, but hey look at some of the older OVA’s with Shin GetterRobo OR even the older Mazinkaiser OVA’s. They are badass…….

I would recommend you to steer clear away from this if you have ANY idea of the older series are like. But if you haven’t, then I guess you can go for it if you don’t mind 2 pilots in 1 robot cockpit and one is on top of another at all times. Have fun……

Rkwan’s Take:

Animation: Graphic Violence – Bloody like Kill Bill.

Music: Metallic Rock – This works pretty well with all the action scenes.

Story: “Dynasty Warrior” mech that can wipe 100’s if not 1000’s in 5 minutes.  The protagonist (Mazinkaiser) is suppose to protect and defend invasion from other warring fractions.

Overview: While the animation action is good, the story is weak, and there seems to be a lack of character development (OVA?).  The pilots of Mazinkaiser, Ken Kaido, and Ryo Magami, are both really arrogant, and are not likable to me.  They each take turns operating the mech, one utilizing guns, and other sword. Why the need for two people to operate one mech? I think this anime is catering to fans of Mazinkaiser. If you like brainless killing, and things blowing up everywhere with heavy metal music, then this is for you.

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  • Bla

    The old Mazinkaiser has 1 pilot and it ruled. BUT NOW its all dumbed down. 2 pilots.”
    How the hell did it get dumbed down? The old Mazinkaiser had only one pilot, this time, it can take up to two. SKL’s two pilots is an option, not a requirement. They’re not piloting the robot at the same time. Plus yeah, this isn’t fucking Gundam. This is why we don’t get beam spams. Breast fire you say? They are the guns. If anything, the technology of SKL is more advanced than the original Mazinkaiser. It’s faster and has more AOE than the original.

    “It can take out a planet if it wants. ”
    NO IT COULDN’T. And if you put it that way, how do you know that SKL cant’ take down planets too?
    What does “it can take out a planet” means? Wait, which Mazinkaiser are we talking about? Old one with Kaiser nova or the one in the anime? Even so, the old Mazinkaiser in the anime couldn’t take down planets. Fuck, that’s not even the point. How do you know that SKL can’t take down planets and where was it demosntrated that original Mazinkaiser could?

  • Bla

    Also, it’s called an ova, but SKL actually aired at the anime fes.

  • Bla

    No, this is retarded. Gundam Unicorn is fucking Gundam. The revenues are in millions. Mazinger shows don’t sell and have never sold since the 70s. Consider this, Gundam Seed (or was it destiny) is at 30 000 sales for the first volume. Shin Mazinger doesn’t even make it past 1500 sales. It has nothing to do with the super robot/real robot bullcrap you’re trying to point out. Go Nagai managed to do Shin Getter and Mazinkaiser with a big budget because at that time, he won a case against Toei which would fund these projects. But honestly, you’re blind if you can’t see that SKL looks better than any past Go Nagai recent tv and ova series like Jeeg, new getter robo, shin mazinger. The animation is less choppy, and the action’s pretty good.

    Let me tell you who they are aiming with this. New fans. Considering Shin Mazinger’s horrible sales, it’s no surprise that SKL has production values that’s expected from Go Nagai. We’re actually getting a new anime by him, look Dororon Enma kun up. None of his recent robot remakes sell well in Japan, not even the original Mazinkaiser. And Go Nagai could have called it off, but he promised a new Mazinkaiser around 2 years ago and he delivered.

    But seriously, who cares if they shout their attacks name or not? This isn’t the 70s anymore! Times change, and silly sr shows don’t sell. I must say that Mazinkaiser was pretty boring, especially for someone who already watched the original Mazinger as it adds nothing of value to it, unlike SKL which basically shows something different and uncommon.