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CES 2011: 3D TVs, camcorders, and gadgets, oh my!

Since CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2011 just passed, I’m going to stick with the current theme and post my favorite products that I took away from reading all the various stuff online about it. Since my fellow ABCcubed member and editor of Click Click already wrote about new digital cameras showcased at the show in his latest post this week, I’m going to stay away from that topic. Instead, I’m more interested in the 3D stuff, particularly the camcorders and TVs. So, without much further ado…

1.) Sony 3D Bloggie HD (model MHS-FS3)

The Sony Bloggie 3D HD

The Sony Bloggie 3D HD. Source:

Appropriately, since I’m into the video stuff, I’m going to start off with a camcorder. A few months back, I actually was interested in getting the Sony Bloggie Touch. It is small, compact, and would be the perfect size for me to carry around to do my random video blogs. After reading what Sony has up their sleeves for their next iteration of the Bloggie, I think I might just wait out a little longer for it now. Their new Bloggie, as is already evident in their title, shoots in Full HD 3D! It has 2 lenses and 2 sensors and can capture 1080p video. As with most camcorders nowadays, it can also capture still images, both in 3D and in 2D, if you so incline. But, the 3D stills only come out in 2 MP (megapixels) vs. the 2D stills come out in 5 MP. The LCD screen will display your movies in 3D, and without the use of glasses too. My only question is: where will you be able to upload your movies and have your friends and family watch them online in 3D? Does YouTube have an option for 3D videos WITHOUT the glasses that I don’t know of yet?

2.) Panasonic VT30 3DTV

Panasonic VT30 3DTV. Source:

Up next on my list is this 3DTV from Panasonic. This plasma TV comes in either 65″ or 55″ and comes with a companion little tablet. This little tablet is the coolest thing. Imagine this: you are sitting on the couch, at a friend’s house watching the Super Bowl, and all of a sudden, all the chips, salsa, and chili that you just ate aren’t sitting too well in your stomach. You are contemplating whether you should just stick it out on the couch and risk embarrassment from the rest of your friends or run to the bathroom and miss a very important play that could be detrimental to you winning your Squares or not. Well, with this TV/tablet combo, have no fear! With the flick of a finger, you can instantly move the game you were watching on the big screen to the tablet and so you can take it in with you to the bathroom and watch it there. So no more worries of missing the big plays while you’re away from the TV! Besides that neat little feature, the TV also supports apps too, like just about every new gadget out there as well.

3.) Dynamic Card 2.0

Dynamic Card 2.0. Source:

I don’t know if this last one was unveiled at CES 2011 or not but I think the company who created it had a booth there and was presenting this product. Nevertheless, it is very cool (at least I think so) so I’m going to include it here. You know that little 3 or 4 digit security code on the back of your credit card that the cashier has to see whenever you make a purchase in-store? Well, the premise for this card is that instead of printing a fixed number on your card, in its place will be a small LCD screen there that will dynamically generate a new, unique code on the push of a button. So, no more worries about would-be identity thefts stealing and looking through your receipts for your credit card number and your fixed security code. This thing makes sure it changes every time.

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