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Cool or Boo: Stands for your iPhone/ iPad!

Okay, cast your vote on the best design one, or if you think all of them are ridiculous?

1.) Vyne – a flexible strap you can shape into various forms and a plastic clip on the other end to secure your IPhone.  Look, you can even hook it on your neck. hahha!

2.) iPhone 4 case by Arkwhat – a fat chubby IPhone case that stands on its own.  Don’t even try to put it in your back pocket because it will not fit.

3.) Appletree – Yep, it looks like one of those musician stand.  The height is not adjustable that I don’t know how it is going to be useful for home use?  Maybe the conductor from orchestra can consider to use the IPad instead of the paper music note, I am sure there is an app for that.

Stands for your iPhone/iPads, which one(s) are cool or boo?

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