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Click Click! 036: Scissors in Photoshop CS4

"my DS" F5.0 | 1/6s | ISO 200

Every Wednesday of the week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!”-Just a simple guy with a camera

Let me start off the New Year by thanking everyone and of course my significant other that have supported me in every way to bring my creations of whatever to our site.  First off, I would like to bring back the challenges which will be monthly: January challenge is to get a photo of snow. The idea is to always try to get a good composition, and importantly is it really white? Let see what I can capture myself, and will release this on the last week (most likely in January 2011).

Ever wonder how about those advertistments in your magazine, a tie, a bucket of coronas, and the blue shirt have in common? They all have a pure white background.  Well, I found a method to simply replicate that or sorta speak to cut that image out like scissors on paper.  After the break, I will run-thru a short and easy tutorial with the original photo, snapshot of the photo in processing. And No, you cannot have my Nintendo DS!

Post Processing Skill: Beginner

Original of "my DS"

The method: Using the Pen Tool

  1. So above, we have our original photo.
  2. We selected the pen tool, and select the Paths (this is like the 2 icon right below the File/Edit Menu)
  3. Outline the object as seem in the below photo.
  4. Then right-click, and select “Make-Selection”
  5. Then copy and paste into an new white image.

Using the pen tool in Photoshop

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