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Rant of the week – Asian dragons are NOT THE SAME AS EUROPEAN DRAGONS!!!


It saddens me when I see a movie that is made in the US, Hollywood don’t know crap about the difference in another culture from another and defoul our great asian symbol of great power, wealth and luck with EVIL, DARK and DEATH. I see too often in movies that a winged dragon with 2 or more heads breathing fire is called a “chinese” dragon. It really saddens me. I mean we chinese folks make the difference. The japanese folks makes a difference by calling the asian dragon, ryu and the european counterpart doragon. So why can’t Hollywood get it right? Does the screenwriters in Hollywood know about other cultures at all? Or are they too busy doing drugs and drinking their fancy alcoholic drinks?

One example is the third mummy movie. Yeah the one where they replaced Rachel Weiss with some lady and they had Jet Li in it where he was some king from the past and came back to take over the living world. In one scene he transform to a “dragon”. You would think he will turn into asian dragon. OOOH NOOOO!!! He splits his head into two and grow wings. It looks nothing like the asian dragon I know. So what are they saying? Are they saying that our asian culture is wrong with our mystical beasts? And the Europeans was right? Are they saying that our asian dragons are not worthy to go on the big screens? I say BAH to them and I say BAH to all. F*CK you Hollywood….F*CK YOU!!!

Its not only movies but there are cartoons that does it too. Ignorance is taught since childhood, how is America suppose to “tolerate” other cultures when they can’t get other cultures history and symbols correct? Come on America, wake up and learn from others. If you are going to be closed off, then you might as well close of for good. Close off all your tradings and close off all your ports.

In history it is you America that pry open the ports of Japan and force it into Meiji era with your “black ships” and it is the Europeans that pry open China and take their land. The people there learned your ways and your cultures but why can’t you folks do that same? Why aren’t you “modernizing”? Can’t you realize that the US is no longer the super power in the world?

Sigh~~~~ I guess coming down from all my rambling, please get it right if you are referencing our asian culture. We asians have a long history as well, please don’t be so ignorant and research. Do the right thing and put in the correct reference. I am not saying the European dragon is not cool or anything, I am just saying, if you are going to use it as a reference…PLEASE PLEASE get it right.

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