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ABC3 Podcast: Episode 34 – Opt In vs. Opt Out

Well, just recently, the TSA just passed some new regulations on how to scan passengers before they board on a commercial aircraft. Now, all passengers must pass through a full-body scanner during security check, which has stirred up quite a controversy. The issue here is that some people thinks these very detailed scanners are an invasion of their privacy. The TSA does give them a choice to “opt out” of these scans and go for a full-body patdown instead, but of which has its own set of controversial issues as well. The problem some people has with these patdowns is that they can get quite a bit too invasive and might be an invasion of privacy issue too. Sigh. What to do, what to do? Some people are just so hard to please…

To learn more about these controversies and which way of security check we prefer, watch our latest episode, right after the jump.

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