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Mis-Adventures of Veggie Z: The Plow Man Blows

We here in New England area just got HEAVY snow for the first time this year and BOY it came down. Offices were closed (which I was thankful for..), schools where closed, well they are going to be closed anyway since its winter vacation week BUT anyway, snow has its greatness but it also has its sucky parts to it, YAH you don’t have to go to school but the shoveling and plowing and dragging that snow thrower. MAN its tough work, who needs gym if you shovel everyday.

Well shoveling is NOT the worst part if you only have to do it once. Its when the snow plows just plows in your freshly shoveled and cleared out drive way. Its when you thought you were DONE!! THEN from around the corner of the street, the plow man sees you cleared up……….the plow man cometh………BOOOOM!!! You are back to square one. SIGH~~~~~~

So this week, I have Veggie Z go thru the same thing, hey everyone that have seen snow knows what its all about.

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