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Cool or Boo: Door Handle With Self-sterilization System

Everyday we are exposed to germs and bacteria, one of the most common ways to catch germs is simply by opening doors. People with cold- and flu-contaminated hands touch door handles, and leave the germs there to pass it on to the next unlucky person.  Study has shown that germs can actually survive on doorknobs for more than two hours.

Apparently someone was tired of getting sick by opening doors, and came up with this concept about a door handle with self-sterilization system.  The concept is simple, using a UV lamp to sterile the door knob constantly to maintain a germ-free handle.  The UV lamp switch is in the door latch, so when the door handle is in use, hence the door handle end will release the switch, and the lamp will turn off.  And when the door handle is not in use, the door handle end pushes the lamp switch and turn on the UV lamp to sterile the door handle.

Well the place I work at doesn’t have the money to implement such advanced door handles yet, so I will stick with the old fashion method – use a tissue when touching the door handles.

Door handle With Self-Sterilization Design by Choi Bomi

Door Handle With Self-Sterilization System, Cool or Boo?

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