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Rant of the Week – People STOP RAGGING ON JRPG’S


Look I am not saying all JRPG’s are not disappointing and some actually put me to sleep too but like any other games out there, those games can can be boring too. Why in this day and age that EVERYONE is ragging on JRPG’s? I see reviews left and right saying FFXIII sucks this and it sucks that. Look I liked the game, I enjoyed it. Hey you people wanted “pretty graphics”, they gave it to you people, the “old FF menu was TOOOO long to choose thru stuff”, so they made it shorter…”ooo the menu options was TOO confusing”, so they made a simple auto fight button for you, not necessary will auto fight for you but you get to setup what they will do. OOOOH or this..”The world is too big I get lost, I find myself spending hours just walking around with knowing my objective”……oooh so now they gave you a freakin map with a red arrow……….and then we here..”oooh there is no achievements”……what the hell? Or they will say..”oooh after all these years they come out with this crap?”…….

You know what? F*CK OFF!!!! Go play your stupid Angry bird game or your stupid FPS game. Final Fantasy was not MADE for YOU!! Its a god dame RPG, you SUPPOSE to walk around and look for clues to go to the next area. You Suppose to run around in a big world to raise experience. Achievements? Your achievement is when you know you had a good story and you played thru it. And you know what? They didn’t HAVE to make another Final Fantasy you know, its you freak fans that asked for it. They taylored the game to you people and you spit it back and called it suck, what the F*CK DO YOU PEOPLE WANT? You want old fashioned 16bit graphics? OOOOH I know you want something like Diablo…so when THAT comes out you can call it a DIABLO CLONE!! OOOHH you say you are NOT looking for THAT…oor you are looking for something like COD or MODERN WARFARE or HALO or BATTLEFIELD? HEY IDIOT!!!! THOSE ARE CALLED FPS for a reason…NO ITS NOT A JRPG!!!!! Don’t even tell me those are JRPG’s, cause they are NOT F*CK OFF man….for real….. and for those damn american gaming sites that is made up of folks that ONLY plays HALO or COD or any F*CKIN FPS… know what? SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!! What you don’t have enough BIG BULKY MEN THAT LIKES TO SHOW OFF THEIR MUSCLES IN YOUR LIFE? HUUH!!!!??? YOU WANT MORE EVEN FROM A GAME!!!! YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK!!!!! As for you asians and Japanese folks that played FFXIII and complained about it……whats wrong? don’t have enough naked little girls for you? Don’t have any near naked virtual chicks for you to ooooogle over? THEY ARE CG!!!! GET A LIFE AND GO OUTSIDE!!!

I am sorry for that outburst but I say…..SquareEnix, stop making the game and just shut everyone up. If they hate it so much then they don’t get anything. They can go play their stupid FPS where those game companies just recycle things over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, not to mention the stories the same too…. Yes let me break it to you people, all FPS is the same game just different objective as a mission in stages…….Atleast SquareEnix tries to come up with something new. oooh ONE LAST THING…ooh you think SquareEnix is making games that sells out? OOOH wait, every freakin FPS game out there has a zombie mode…..oooh wow, what a coincident………… WOW!!!! you f*ckin jerks……..I hope you all die!!! OOOH ONE MORE THING!!! someone found a bug in the graphics in FFXIII, ooh the world blows up, but if someone found a bug in Black Ops, oooh its nothing……there is a work around…….you know what, yeah F*CK OFF!!! PLEASE…JUST SHUT THE HELL UP…… SHUT UP!!!!

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