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Cool or Boo: E-Tomb for the Blog Addicts

Social networking is such a powerful tool. From the Z generations to the baby boomers, you will find them have at least one blogging account. Friends can keep in touch by checking each others’ “status”, and can update the latest happening by tweeting.

Since hardly anyone keeps an handwritten diary anymore, the E-Tomb is a good idea to keep the memories of someone who spends endless hours blogging after they leave this world.

The E-Tomb is a tombstone that stores the decedent’s “blogs” information, so the blog that is always visited by friends and families will not be forgotten even after the blogger is “gone”. The E-Tomb has a solar panel for power and bluetooth transmitter embedded for information transfer. Friends and relatives can access the decedent’s blogs with bluetooth enable mobile devices.

Wow… I can’t believe social networking even penetrate the Underworld!!

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