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Chinese drivers are bad? …Or are they?

The above question could be debatable. This is in response to Boyd’s post from a couple of days ago. In case you haven’t seen it yet, it is right here. Whereas it may seem funny and all to watch other people get into ridiculous accidents, this video I just found puts things a little more surreal and into perspective about the driving culture there:

The best part of is: people aren’t even honking for the taxi driver to get outta the way. They just nonchalantly move to the other lanes to avoid him and it all happens so seamlessly too. It just seems like the other drivers on the road just take the taxi to be a normal roadblock and just adapt to him being on the “other” side of the road. If you watch the video, also notice how the taxi driver doesn’t freak out or curse at all during the whole ordeal. He’s just acting so calm and “ho-hum.” I also love the fact that the music currently playing in the background is so calm and soothing as well. If that isn’t good driving for everybody involved on the road, then I don’t know what is… at least NO MAJOR ACCIDENTS WERE GOTTEN INTO OUTTA THIS! If this incident had happened anywhere here in the States, I guarantee you that there’d be at least some honking and vulgarity involved there somewhere, if not a traffic accident or a tie-up. But to them over there, it is just simply part of their culture. Welcome to China, indeed.

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