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Rant of the Week – Corporate blocking internet

This is more of a personal gripe than anything else but anyway, REALLY!!??? in this modern world there are corporate offices that still insist on blocking their employees from using AIM, MSN or websites that they want to go to. They think it will increase work flow and not distract the employees from work. THEY CAN’T BE ANYMORE WRONG!!!! Now we have people distracted looking loop holes to get online. Wasting time searching on the net, and if the site is blocked they go to their smart phones. People get creative, as for me, I brought in a OLD PIII 800mhz laptop with 256mb of ram MAXED with good old reliable Windows XP Pro installed with bare minimal crap, Firefox for the add-on “ADBlock Plus” and with a Instant Messenger Client like Pidgin. Tethered to my grandfathered unlimited data plan, I am good to go. SO F**K YOU uummmmmmmmm WORKPLACE TAKE THAT YOU STUPID JERKS MWAHAHAHAAHA MWWHWHAHAHAHAHAWHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHA. HAHAAHAHAAH I just like to add, from the great Pink Floyd..”ALL IN ALL, IT’S JUST ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL”. And we all know what happens to brick walls that is in our way…..we KNOCK IT DOWN!!!! HAHAHAAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHHA

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  • wip328

    Blocking the internet is not just about increasing productivity. Many companies are at risk when people go to websites which are filled with viruses, malware, and malicious code that can cause some serious threats to the company. For example, lets look at BofA, there are tens of thousands of accounts with customer information such as SSN and this information is sensitive and confidential. I don’t think our customers wants our employees to be able to surf the web and then get hit with viruses or malware that can steal that information. AIM can allow vogue employees to capture this information and then sell it to the black hat community for malevolent intent. This is pretty serious stuff and many companies now are trying to protect internal and external attacks such as blended threats and insider threats. I am not trying to show off my knowledge here but I can totally understand why more and more companies are blocking internet access. I, for one don’t want my non-public information to be leaked and stolen by hackers and then fall victim to identity theft. Also more and more corporations are being subjected to stricter federal regulations in implementing a more efficient information security framework to protect customer, employee and shareholder information. I used to bitch about this too but now that I become an IT auditor, I am starting to change my viewpoint and understand a lot better why companies are taking this approach. They are just doing due diligence to protect information of their customers so don’t just look at it like they are being BIG BROTHER and trying to get the most productivity out of the employees, its way more than that, its about being responsible and accountable for the activities in the company.