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Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition….WOOHOOO!!!!

I am sure people that follow the news they know already, but for those that haven’t played for gazillion years and let the game sit there and collect dust. Well the Arcade Edition is exactly what it is. Its the Arcade version. With new characters announced for it and new systems that will connect your console play and IPhone play stats. Its mainly for the Japanese folks cause they still have “arcades”. At this point I know what you thinking of….”GOD DAMN IT!!!! F**KING CAPCOM IS RIPPING US OFF!!!”. Well kinda, but this time the new characters and features that is in the arcade is coming to the consoles as download contents, supposedly. Now keep in mind, this is still way to early to really say…”THANK GOD CAPCOM, OTHERWISE I WOULD BE BOYCOTTING YOU!!”, cause last time we got fooled my Super Street Fighter IV, they said the “SUPER” part would be download content as well but then they pulled a “SURPRISE!!” on us. But anyway…..we all know Yun and Yang is coming as new characters and today they gave a sneak peak in their newest trailer and it will ALSO include Shin/Oni Gouki/Akuma and Evil Ryu. See new trailer here…..

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