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Cool or Boo: Can’t Get enough Oxygen? Try the All Natural Liquid Oxygen Drops!

I like browsing the Skymall catalogs on the airplane because I always find some “interesting” (or useless, depends how you see it) stuffs that i can’t find at my regular shopping places.  I saw this in one of the catalogs, and thought I must share here.

Oxygen plays an very important role in the human body.  Your brain, heart, tissue and various body organs need oxygen to function.  Even the slight lack of oxygen in the brain can lead to brain to shut down, and low level of oxygen in tissue can cause nausea, headache and other symptoms.  Realizing the importance of oxygen,  O2 Spa bar started in 1996 as an oxygen bar in Toronto, Canada, and later developed “The Liquid Oxygen Drops”. It formulates 4 oxygen molecules suspended in Sodium Chloride solution, the oxygen molecules are released when you add the drops to water or juice, and are immediately bioavailable once in your body. 

The Liquid Oxygen drops have minerals added to improve health and fitness, and can increase oxygen in the bloodstream that helps to relax the tense body and mind.  To make it even better, the O2 Spa Bar developed gender-specific Liquid Oxygen Drops with different minerals added specific for men and women.  Calcium magnesium is added to Liquid Oxygen Drops for female to assist with stronger bones build, weight loss and stress reduce.  As for men, potassium magnesium is added to help build muscle with denser mass, regulate blood pressure, and reduce stress.

In my opinion, I would say go hiking once a while to take in some real natural oxygen through your lungs is better!

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