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I knew it, its not politicians that bring peace, its GUNDAM that does the job.

OOOH to clear it up, its UC Century Gundam, not that lame boy-loving Gundam Wing and that UC Century rip off “Gundam Seed” or not even that Gundam 00 where they say that terrorism is OK.

Anyway, I am sure if you follow this site you remembered I wrote a rant how China and Japan is in bad terms because of a stupid island. And they are fighting for it because it has oil. OIL!!! And I complained about how they should be thinking of using less oil and help the enviroment.

Creator and ORIGINAL CREATOR of Gundam, Yoshiyuki Tomino recently gave a speech in Beijing, China about GUNDAM. He was welcomed and was given much appreciation with NO RIOTS. He was speaking in his native tongue as well, in Japanese. It nice to see that Gundam is the bridge to world peace. Its SOOOO AWESOME, I want to cry. Thank you China, I feel SOOOO proud at this moment being a chinese that watch Gundam.

Now only if someone build a real thing and not just a giant statue, and scream out… “Gundam , Ikimasu!


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