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Black Friday 2010 Revisited

Did y’all go shopping on Black Friday last week? What you get? Lots of good deals? Watch here to find out what I did on BF myself.

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  • Legna

    no, the kitchen is forever gone, it got burnt down.

  • jqhuynh

    Dude, is the kitchen coming back?

  • jqhuynh

    Akwan is evil. His plan is working, 4 replies already and still an open topic. I still think he just ran off to relieve himself and that’s it.

  • Dennis

    To me it looks like he was trying to do the old movie trick you see in some of the classic 80’s films (like in airplane during the scene where the the army guy is diving to the airport) however the scaling was WAY wrong for it to work.

    While I am extremely glad you aren’t one of those “flim editors on crack” using the excessive “cut” editing in your movies (that seems to be so popular on ‘tube these days) doing so in moderation is one of the things that made the apple commercials so well recoeved. Unfortunally I don’t think you even came close to pulling off either genre, copy/spoof or otherwise..

  • legna

    i am sure u r not the only one… i think he did this on purpose so people will think they miss something and keep replaying the video. that way he can get more hits for the video lol

  • jqhuynh

    I didn’t get that at all! All I could think of was that at exactly 0:26, you ran off somewhere to spank that monkey (from the audio). I’m thinking was there a hot chic plowing through that I missed? I looked and looked and saw nothing. Clicked through that clip 10X!